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LED Signs

An LED sign is an advertising tool so effective, it practically sells itself.

Business owners know the value and importance of advertising. Our clients are driven by a desire to stand out, differentiate themselves, and communicate important information. As these LED sign owners will attest, your decision may be based on budget, but it's also based on your long-term business goals and your need to create a strong market presence. To look great now and still make a great impression 10 years from now.

From video to vivid animation, our LED signs are capable of creating outstanding, ongoing advertising for your site - the perfect way to grow your business.

Ask us about 5 Ways to Increase Your Growth an LED Sign.

Custom Content

Custom content packages that include 3 animations (each up to 10 seconds in duration) or 5 still images can be bundled with your sign at the time of purchase.

Once we receive the order for your sign, our creative team will work with you or your corporate marketing department to create messages that meet your specifications and are in line with your company's brand strategy and style guide. Plus, because Watchfire LED signs have the broadest and most consistent color capability in the industry, our full-color LED signs can display your logo and corporate color scheme with stunning accuracy.

Once your sign is installed, individual artwork can be purchased as needed - for a big sale, an annual event, or to put a fresh look on your messaging.

Remote Sign Management

For sign owners who need more than just content creation, Trinity Signs also offers remote sign management. With this option, our Creative Services team can update your sign up to 3 times per week, keeping your messages current and your sign operation hassle-free.

Full Color Vinyl Banners

Full color banners work well when you need to have an eye catching sign or announcement. Our digitally printed full color banners are printed on heavy duty material utilizing industry leading technology.